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Here's a bunch of things that I use in my day to day. If there's a dev channel or nightly build I usually have it, and also I'm a Microsoft fanboy don't @ me.

Editor & Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code Insiders is my primary editor. I use the insiders build because I like the bleeding edge but mostly for the green icon.
  • The only real way to write C# code is with Visual Studio 2019
  • My color theme is Alloy. I made it and use it in VS Code, my terminal, and even code blocks on this website.
  • My terminal since it was released is Windows Terminal. I'm a Microsoft shill, what can I say.
  • My font of choice was Operator Mono (I know, I know, both stereotypical and bougie), but in my terminal I use Cascadia Code, and I'm slowly adopting it elsewhere. Cascadia is what you'll see in code blocks on this site!
  • Even though I'm using Windows Terminal, I still include all the optimizations from Cmder. It's still indispensable in 2020 to make cmd a shell worth using.

Other Tools & Applications

  • My browser is Edge Dev. I wasn't lying about the Microsoft shill thing.
  • For when you need to type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and don't want to search, there's BeefText.
  • PowerToys. I work on an ultrawide monitor, so FancyZones is necessary. PowerToys Run is mostly just re-branded Wox, but I use it from time to time as well. The system-wide color picker is great too.
  • I've only recently started with Notion for note taking and project planning, but it's blowing OneNote out of the water. Maybe there's hope I haven't sold my soul to Bill Gates yet.
  • I'm slowly migrating to Notion, but OneNote has been my go-to for a long time to organize and plan. And I even use the UWP Windows 10 version 🤠.