Hi, I'm Nathan Smith

I'm a full-time software developer and work on open source projects in my free time.


Foundry VTT

I am the author of the following content for Foundry VTT.

Cryptomancer FVTT

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An implementation of the Cryptomancer RPG system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Go to Combatant

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Patches the Foundry VTT combat tracker so that clicking on a combatant pans to that combatant - even if they are on another scene.

Insert Journal Page

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Patches the Foundry VTT journal so that creating a new page in a journal entry places it after the currently viewed page, not at the end of the list.

Crypt UI

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A sci-fi themed CSS component library, written mainly to support implementation of Cryptomancer FVTT.


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Alloy is a color theme available for VS Code, Prismjs, Windows Terminal, and ConEmu.

Obsidian Plugins

I maintain the following plugins for Obsidian.

Auto Class

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Automatically apply CSS classes to the markdown based on a note's path and tags.

Obsidian Trello

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Connect your Trello cards with your Obsidian notes to see and update labels, comments, and checklists from within Obsidian.

Collapse All

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When your Obsidian file explorer is overloaded with open folders, close them all with a single click or command. Or, if you want to explore your folder tree, expand all folders.

Obsidian FETA 🧀

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A still-in-development plugin for gooier, greasier note exports that aren't as polished as Obsidian Publish but include output from all plugins that add to the reading view and could be combined with a static site generator of your own to publish your notes as you see fit.

Folder JSON ExporT Addon - It's dairy free!

Homebrewery VS Code

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Homebrewery VS Code is a VS Code extension for rendering markdown in the style of the Homebrewery for creating Dungeons and Dragons 5e homebrew content inside VS Code.