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Pokemon Randomizer

September 5, 2020, 1:54 AMProjects

Pokemon has a number of community created challenge modes where you apply a certain set of restrictions to how you play, the most famous being the nuzlocke. I came up with a (new?) challenge run since the exp share in SW/SH was bumming me out a bit; I felt like I was always using the same three pokemon. Here's the rules to my challenge:

  1. You can catch whatever pokemon you'd like, but your team is always randomly determined from your pool of pokemon, minimum 20.
  2. You can bench pokemon you've caught to take them out of the pool as long as you still have 20 or more available.
  3. Any time one of your team faints, you get a new random team from your pool, but any who fainted are not eligible.

It's been fun to play, and has added a real challenge and variety to the game. Of course, I made a webapp to keep track of it all for me. Everything is stored in a github gist as a pseudo-database; you can have multiple challenge runs at once, add pokemon to your pool, give them nicknames, evolve them, select forms, etc. It keeps a record of your current random team, allows for generating a new one, filling it out if you bench a pokemon on your team.


It was mostly made for myself and is pretty specialized to this one challenge run. But if you'd like to try it all you need is a github account to log in; it will auto save and create a new gist. Check it out here.

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